Every User Interface is a Conversation

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conversational ui examples

Conversational design is a vast field, so there are several ways you can implement it on your website. In this section, we’ll explore three examples, each using different approaches to personalization and conversational UI. For instance, in order to start a fluent dialog and avoid veering out of the bot’s purpose, the intention of the chatbot should be clearly described in the welcoming message. When creating the tone of voice for my bank client, we recognized that emojis have become ingrained in casual chatting, and are often used to describe feelings. Because of our bank customer’s profile, we were very selective when choosing the emojis we used. We chose only a few that could contribute to a sincere dialog that remained explicitly professional.

conversational ui examples

As an autonomous, full-service development firm, The App Solutions specializes in crafting distinctive products that align with the specific

objectives and principles of startup and tech companies. Different types of interfaces require different features and can’t be tweaked to do something else with the flick of the wrist. The implementation of a conversational interface revolves around one thing – the purpose of its use. The biggest benefit from this kind of conversational UI is maintaining a presence throughout multiple platforms and facilitating customer engagement through a less formal approach. The primary purpose of an assistant is to gather correct data and use it for the benefit of the customer experience.

Conversational Interfaces Challenges

Let’s learn the basic rules of creating stunning conversational UIs. The key takeaway here is conversational UIs don’t need to be focused solely on marketing and there are plenty of ways you can add some flair to your chatbots. For example, you might give it a face and a name so it feels unique and personal. Likewise, you can optimize the language you use to make conversations feel more casual and less like you’re asking Google a question. For our last example, let’s take a look at another conversational UI.

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Given these developments, businesses now have the opportunity to create a real-time, bi-directional line of contact with their customers via conversational interfaces. When it comes to the digital environment, there are a number of new solutions being introduced to improve user experience and to reduce the time and resources spent on a task. With interactive websites, mobile applications, and voice assistants, the opportunities are endless. UI/UX designers are creating wonders with this technological revolution. A conversational user interface (CUI) allows people to interact with software, apps, and bots like how they interact with real people. Using natural language in typing or speaking, they can accomplish certain tasks with ease.

Best Practices For Designing Conversational UI

Conversational UI and chatbots are becoming more popular in mobile apps. Understandably so; they provide an exciting and new type of experience for users. A non-linear conversation flow allows for conversation to take various routes during the conversation including moving backward or stirring towards another topic. This, if designed properly can make the conversation sound significantly more natural but it is also much harder to plan.

While this new conversational interface innovation might surprise you, the trend of chatbots being used for health purposes is really taking off. A conversational user interface (CUI) is a digital user interface that uses technology to simulate an organic conversation with a real human. So, let’s talk about what UI Designers can learn from conversational user interfaces such as voice assistants, automated messaging platforms, and video games. Conversational interfaces and chatbots are revolutionizing the way users interact with digital interfaces.

What is the use of chatbot?

When a user speaks or types a request, the system uses algorithms and language models to analyze the input and determine the intended meaning. The system then generates a response using pre-defined rules, information about the user, and the conversation context. If you think that you want to try out chatbot design, but you’re not sure where to start, consider using chatbot software that offers customizable templates.

  • A number of websites, delivery services, and financial systems use chatbots to assist their customers.
  • Customers can be verified by their voice rather than providing details like their account numbers or date of birth, decreasing friction by taking away extra steps on their path to revolution.
  • Conversational UI can be described as an interaction with computers on human terms.
  • It helps users feel their needs are being catered to with personalized customer service that increases customer satisfaction.

Several factors fall into play here, including server capabilities, load times, and output processing at the user side. Response time impacts the user perception of the chatbot’s capacity. A user is likely to hang around for longer and probe further in a highly-engaging human-machine conversation.

Voice recognition systems

Duolingo€™s chatbots and conversational lessons give the user the experience of having a conversation in reality. Duolingo is known for its conversational AI and conversational marketing strategies. Duolingo is a language learning platform that provides its services for free to all users on its website and mobile app. Officially released in 2012, Duolingo now offers courses in 38 languages, including fictional languages like Klingon. Here are 5 of the top CUI€™s and chatbots for business that cover all bases and provide a smooth and happy experience to all users. Paula Borowska is an innovative and insightful Senior UX Designer at CVS Health, known for her relentless pursuit of designing the best user experiences.


Isil Uzum’s concept of shared interfaces, which you can see below, clearly demonstrates the benefits of such approach. You can see that users can complete a pretty complicated interaction —selecting a flight and paying for it together — without ever having to leave their messaging app. For a long time, command line was the only way people interacted with computers.

In more sophisticated cases, a customer support assistant can also handle notifications, invoices, reports, and follow-up information. It’s crucial for the chatbot to identify peak moments in dialogue and adequately react – encourage, congratulate, or cheer the client up. I loved this natural dialog between the Freshchat bot by Freshdesk and a user. However, 70% admitted that the chatbot answered them quickly, and 40% mentioned the chatbot could assist them outside of regular working hours. More than 50% of the surveyed audience was disappointed with the chatbot’s incapability to solve the issue.

conversational ui examples

Allowing customers to change seat or meal preferences, and get notified of flight delays, KLM’s chatbot is a useful conversational UI example for airlines. The purpose of this chatbot is to help customers search for flights to any destination through a simple conversation. Finding and initiating a conversation with CNN is easy, and the chatbot asks questions to deliver a personalized experience.

From Language Models to Conversational Superstars: LLMs Reshape Chatbot Design

You can also use them as hints to lead users to discover new features. People speak faster than they type or write, and voice-based bots enable them to save time when ordering items or seeking directives. E-commerce websites deploy these advanced conversational tools to provide a seamless customer experience. Conversational UI allows machines to understand, interpret, and generate human language by leveraging large language models (LLM) and machine learning (ML). This enables businesses to have intelligent, personalized conversations with customers at scale. Now let’s take a look at the building blocks of our conversational UI.

The chatbot allows them to converse with different personalities like Chef Robert, Renée the Driver, and Officer Ada. The user can choose their preferred personality and language (French, Spanish, and German) and converse with it to the language. These kinds of interactions differ from the vast majority of chat assistant conversations that happen in the chat window of a corporate website such as Facebook.

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The intelligence does not result merely from words being recognized as text transcription, but from getting a natural-language understanding of intentions behind those words. The intelligence also combines voice technologies, artificial intelligence reasoning and contextual awareness. AI-driven bots learn to recognize and understand human language common patterns thanks to NLP technology.

In this two part series, I want to discuss the opportunities conversational interfaces bring, the questions they raise, and why we often think of them as the future of user interface. This chatbot interface is what most people see as a conversational interface. But this is just another form factor for the same kind of tasks a user needs to perform. The Brawl Stars interface and the chatbot above all deliver the right information at the right time and allow the user to perform the same tasks. Banking apps can use chatbots to provide users with information about their account balances, help them make transfers, and answer questions about their transactions.

conversational ui examples

Siri is an excellent example of a conversational voice interface. Released in 2011, Siri is Apple’s version of a digital voice assistant. She acts as a personal assistant who can answer most basic questions and some complex ones as well. She can also take phone calls, send texts, set reminders, and more. Chatbots are automated software programmed to communicate with humans via messages.

conversational ui examples

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